Quad-Lock Unit Converter


Convert between more than 1000 units of measurement


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Quad-Lock Unit Converter is that useful tool you need in case you want to convert any unit into a different one.

It offers more than 1,000 different units of measurement perfectly sorted by nature.

Convert watios into Kilowatios, Jules, grades Kelvin into celsius, calories per hour into jules per second, days into nanoseconds, etc.

It can be curious to know how many seconds there are in one millennium, but it can be useful to know how many Km/h are 45 mph or how many MB are 3 TB.

Quad-Lock Unit Converter can be really interesting both for students and travellers as well as for any other user who need to know any measurement in a different unit.

Finally, we should have to stand out that it works when offline too.
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